08 March 2012

Pretty signage at Florida Avenue's 24-hour Tire Service Center

There is a beautiful, classically-designed neon sign in front of Mac's Tire Service at 423 Florida Avenue NE. It's been there for a couple months, but I thought it deserved a little special attention.

Last summer, the Washington Post ran a great story on Mac's Tire Service, which touts itself as the only 24-hour tire service center in the metropolitan region. The story included a video and photo gallery with Dennis Parker, a mechanic at the shop.

Consider this a reminder that there are people worth knowing, respecting, and appreciating in the gritty parts of DC that the world doesn't pay attention to every day.


  1. Mac's is s life saver! I have been there twice in the last year and I have recommended them to several people.

    I love the new sign - haven't noticed it, so will have to go by one night.

  2. "gritty parts"? -@SamuelMoore

  3. Dude, Mac's has saved my day on half a dozen occasions. It's one of my favorite parts of the neighborhood.


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