21 July 2010

Plugging up holes on N Street NW

N Street NW, between Connecticut Avenue and North Capitol Street, has horrible pavement. It's rutted, full of potholes, and patched so poorly that it's a stretch in places to call it a paved street.

But N Street NW has other holes in it as well. Gaps in its urban fabric. Small lots big enough for a rowhouse and nothing more. These lots don't lend to exciting speculation, like the large developments including City Center DC or The Yards, but small infill development projects are having an easier time getting financing in the current sour economy. Progress is happening here, things are moving forward, unlike those large projects.

Here are picutres of a couple of them (the photos are already a few weeks old, so progress has made things look different from what you see here):

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907 N Street NW before (lot full of Ailanthus trees)

907 N Street NW after

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226 N Street NW before (concrete barriers protecting a giant hole in the ground)

226 N Street NW after (a large rowhouse appears)

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