14 November 2012

A new neighborhood just appeared in DC - Bloomingdale!

Check out this full-page advertisement from the current issue of the Washington City Paper:

It turns out Bloomingdale is a new neighborhood! Not sure exactly when it came into being, but for the sake of argument, let's assume it's happened in the last year or two.

I'm looking forward to checking this new neighborhood out! Wonder what was there before the hot new Bloomingdale neighborhood appeared? It would be neat if someone could dig up that history. Maybe it was a corn field back in the 1980s? It must have been platted some time in the 1990s, with construction beginning at the dawn of the current millennium. Great to hear that DC continues to grow!


Now, in all honesty, this is just another example of people in one part of the city "discovering" a part of town that simply wasn't on their radar. DC's neighborhoods, from North Portal Estates to Bellevue, from the Palisades to Capitol View, have all been there for years, but some just don't have the recognition of a Dupont Circle or a Capitol Hill. Eventually, the "gentrification wave" washes over them, though, and suddenly a neighborhood becomes a "hot, new" place. Get ready for it, Deanwood. You don't really exist right now, but someday, you'll become hip and cool, and someone will declare you "new."


  1. Yes. I told someone I lived just off of H Street, and she said "Oh, you mean the *new* H Street?"

    "I'm pretty sure it's been 'H Street' for quite a while now."

    Also reminds me of the billboards that claimed that, thanks to a new condo building, Columbia Heights was finally "complete"; or the extremely rude "Soon you won't recognize the place, we promise," on the sign for a development near the NY Ave metro. Way to take a dump on everything and everyone there now, developer. Seriously?

    Hopefully I'm still vaguely within the bounds of civil and constructive curmudgeonliness...

    1. Definitely within the bounds of civil and constructive curmudgeonliness! :)

  2. just advertising schlock. remember " the new u"? i guess (every advertiser thinks) everyone likes newness.

    that said, theres a palpable difference between bloomingdale now and bloomingdale just 5 years ago. the buildings made be old, but many of the residents and shops are new.

  3. Advertising schlock indeed.
    Or it could just be poor grammar - they could very well have meant 'newly hot', rather than any insult.


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