19 September 2012

This Saturday - the first FoRIA Fall Fest

Different commercial districts around the city have had fall festivals for years, taking advantage of what is usually good weather to invite people from around the city and the region to see the great things available in those neighborhoods. Adams Morgan Day has been the granddaddy of these festivals for some time now, but thanks to increased buzz (and a lot more space to work with), the H Street Festival is quickly becoming one of the bigger ones in the city.

Thankfully, another festival is being added to the mix. A stretch of Rhode Island Avenue NE that runs through Woodridge will be hosing the first Friends of Rhode Island Avenue (FoRIA) Fall Fest this Saturday, September 22, from noon to 4 p.m.

"Downtown" Woodridge is an underutilized, under-appreciated, and under-capitalized diamond-in-the-rough. It has the bones that are required for a great commercial strip - tree-lined wide sidewalks, nearly continuous commercial frontage, lots of people within walking distance, and the proposed return of a streetcar line will give it the premium transportation that it needs to shine.

If you haven't been to Woodridge lately, head over there on Saturday and check it out, and consider joining FoRIA (it's free!) and lending a hand to their great momentum.