11 February 2014

Goodbye to another piece of old Trinidad

Change happens all the time. When it comes to a neighborhood, some call it progress, while others lament the passage of time. Regardless of the position you take, it can be jarring to wake up one day and find the things you're accustomed to no longer being there.

On our corner in Trinidad is the former home and office of Dr. Louis E. Lowman, M.D. Neighbors were born in that house and treated in his office. It was one of the only stand-alone homes in all of Trinidad. By the end of today or tomorrow, it will likely only be a memory, to be replaced by a six-unit condominium building. I'm putting these pictures online in hope that those who are interested in our history will have something to find when they go searching on the Internet, wondering what used to be at 1328 Montello Avenue NE before it was replaced with something modern and new.

(Photos by the author unless otherwise noted.)

Photo from Google Street View

Photo from Google Street View

Photo from Google Street View

10 January 2014

This isn't goodbye…

"…got me invested in some kind of fruit company…"
"Made up my mind, make a new start, goin' to California with an achin' in my heart." - Led Zeppelin

I'm going to keep this one short for now, and not bury the lede. We're moving to California soon.

Jaime and I have lived in DC for a decade, it's our home, and there's no doubt we love it like crazy. We spent weeks agonizing over what it would mean to leave behind the friends we've made and communities we've connected with here. In the end, I was offered a career opportunity that's far too exciting to pass up, so we're going to take the plunge and see what life is like in the Bay Area.

We promise we'll both have more to say on the blog and in other places in the coming weeks. The entire thing has brought forth a flood of thoughts that we need to write down and share.