10 January 2014

This isn't goodbye…

"…got me invested in some kind of fruit company…"
"Made up my mind, make a new start, goin' to California with an achin' in my heart." - Led Zeppelin

I'm going to keep this one short for now, and not bury the lede. We're moving to California soon.

Jaime and I have lived in DC for a decade, it's our home, and there's no doubt we love it like crazy. We spent weeks agonizing over what it would mean to leave behind the friends we've made and communities we've connected with here. In the end, I was offered a career opportunity that's far too exciting to pass up, so we're going to take the plunge and see what life is like in the Bay Area.

We promise we'll both have more to say on the blog and in other places in the coming weeks. The entire thing has brought forth a flood of thoughts that we need to write down and share.


  1. We haven't spent much time together in person but I've always enjoyed your strong social network presences and your tireless efforts to make our neighborhood (and whole city!) a better place. California doesn't deserve you but I hope it treats you well.

  2. Well at least the price points in DC have prepared you for SF.
    Don't feel bad about moving for your career, that's the thing that brought a lot of us here to DC. The goal usually is to put down roots, but we never know where the best level of sun and the spot with the right soil is until we get there.
    Best of luck.

  3. Congrats on the job and thanks for all you've both done to make DC a better place. We'll miss you!


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